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Is my child too young for performing arts?

Performing arts can have lots of positive results for children and teenagers, they are more likely to be confident, develop a creative mind as well as learning to empathise with others (Read more about it in our previous post!). However, some might worry that their child is too young to start their first performing arts class. What is the right age to start these classes? Our verdict - as young as 3 years old! Read on to find out about the benefits of performing arts for pre-school children.

1) Improved speech, articulation and diction at an early age

Drama and singing classes helps children learn to project their voices, articulation as well as their tone.

Singing helps to develop and exercise a child's tongue movement. It also helps them learn new vocabulary through drama lines or song lyrics. Children usually learn faster through the use of music as singing helps a child remember words easier. One of the examples are that children typically learn alphabets better through the use of the song as compared to just regular reading.

2) Develop better motor and social skills

Children in performing arts classes are usually surrounded by other kids as well as the instructor. This teaches them to speak to others with confidence and allows them to feel comfortable around the presence of others. Performing arts generally requires team effort (group performances, group dance classes... etc) and this teaches them to work well with others.

Classes like our Pre-Jazz dance class integrates singing, dancing as well as acting into a performance piece. It also teaches them jazz dance techniques such as pointing & flexing of the feet, skipping, body coordination, musicality, rhythm which in turn, helps them to develop better motor skills.

3) Build Focus and concentration

Focus and concentration will be developed when a child is required to learn a new song, script or dance routine. While learning a new song, a child must listen attentively to be able to memorise the tune and lyrics. Research has also shown that a child participating in performing arts tend to focus and concentrate better in other aspects of their lives as well.

Your child's first performing arts class is important, embark on your preschool journey with us!

This would be your child's first exposure to music and dance. The curriculum is multi-sensory and allows for creative exploration through various themes and the use of props and musical instruments. ​ MADDspace's pre-school programmes programme is designed for 3-6 year olds to be exposed to Music & Movement. As this is your child's first exposure to Music and Dance, the curriculum is multi-sensory and allows for creative exploration through various themes, props and musical instruments. You can be assured of well crafted lesson plans and objectives that will help in the development of your Child. To find out more, visit:

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