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Specialising in vocal classes for both kids & youth, MADDspace focuses on skills training, tailoring our teaching style to your child's needs. We also emphasize heavily on self-exploration and discovering one's passion.

Through these years, we are glad to see many students discover their love for singing and improve their vocal skills to reach unimaginable heights!

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Our Vocal Director is no stranger to the Performing and Teaching scene. He has led his students to Championships both locally and internationally. He is also the Conductor of the Singapore Children's Show Choir and the author of 'The Complete Vocal Transformation" - a Vocal Syllabus that aims to help students find their voice.


Kenogi is an IVA-certified vocal coach who specializes in fixing vocal issues such as weak and breathy voices, and/or the need to strain, yell or break when singing high notes. One of the few coaches in Singapore who teach mix voice technique, his approach has helped his students sing with greater freedom, range, control and strength.

With 11 years of ongoing training and education in vocal pedagogy and more than 20 years of performing experience, some of Kenogi’s notable achievements include winning a singing competition in his polytechnic days, being one of the singers of a National Day Parade theme song, and serving National Service as a performing artist at the SAF Music & Drama Company.

Apart from adults, he has worked with children from 5 years old to teenagers 16 years old, and a number of them have went on to win top awards at nationwide competitions such as B-dazzled Music, Dance & Show Choir Festival, SAFRA Lil’ Stars and international competitions such as the Zhongsin International Competition.

He values passion, empathy, relatability and patience, which he thinks are so important especially when working with kids!

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