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The DSA Academy by MADDspace

We know how hard it is for parents when it comes to finding the best route for your Child. With the shift in focus from Ministry of Education (MOE) from results to skills, students can now apply to their dream school based on their talent in Performing Arts, Sports and specific Academic areas.


However, many parents are still struggling to understand the new system. What is the best thing to do if your Child is extremely talented in Dance? Or is your Child a Musical genius or talented singer?


Thats where we come in.


We are here to help guide you and your Child towards doing the right thing and going through the right path. Having worked with 100s of Primary School children over the past few years and helping them with their DSA Applications, we know the ins and outs of DSA and have come up with a Programme that will help facilitate your Child's DSA Application

The DSA Academy is managed by MADDspace Singapore, a Performing Arts Schools who was featured in the Lianhe Zaobao for their DSA Programme

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