Modern Jazz

Learn the basics of Modern Jazz!

In this class, your child will learn and strengthen their jazz dance techniques, learn the disciplines of a dancer and have a good jazz foundation. 

Modern Jazz is a modern jazz style that includes ballet & contemporary techniques. 

The recommended age for this class is 6 to 12 years old.


Jazz Dance Troupe

Electrifying, soulful and passionate; these are defining elements of Enliven Jazz Dance Troupe's performances. The troupe maintains a rigorous and challenging dance atmosphere with an emphasis on building the strong technical foundations necessary for today’s professional dance world.


Consisting of technical dancers from as young as 8 year olds, students are trained in Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz techniques with an emphasis on understanding and embodying the roles technical expertise and artistic expression, with the intention to arm students with strong technical foundation, confidence, and self-discipline. Join Enliven and let us take you on a dance journey through dance styles that made Broadway famous and entertained audiences through the 20th century.



Learn and dance along to the top K-pop songs!

The K-pop courses here at MADDspace helps kids who loves the Korean Pop music dance to their favorite choreographies performed by their idols. The kids will learn how to move their bodies to catchy beats, hooks and instrumentals in K-pop songs. 

Learning a choreography done by their K-pop idols will also give them a sense of connection towards the Korean dance culture. Confidence and stage presence is cultivated through the lessons to ensure the child may be able to perform the dance piece. 



Break free from the usual upbeat moves with our contemporary foundation classes!

Learn the fundamentals of contemporary dance techniques.

Recommended for students aged 6 - 12 years old


Hip Hop Foundation

Start building your child's hip hop basics with us!

Students will master basic hip hop moves, learn to bounce and groove to the beat!

This course is recommended for students aged 6 years old - 12 years old

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MADDspace Hip Hop Dance Crews are best known for their crazy concepts and outstanding choreography. Since their inception, they have clinched top 3 positions in international dance competitions, such as Get The Beat, Born To Perform, and B-Dazzled.

With a mix of Breaking, Freestyle, Urban and other street styles, students are constantly challenged to step outside of their comfort zone. Teamwork, relationship and excellence are also defining traits of what makes our crews unique!


Theatrical Crew: Stars on Broadway 

Let your child learn better expression in the form of Music, Dance & Acting!

It will be a foundational level program focused on preparing for end of term performances, and mini musicals.

Recommended for students aged 6-12 years old.



Ballet is the basic foundation for most dances.

Learn the basics of the beautiful art form with us!

Recommended for everybody who is interested in ballet.

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Developing Artiste Programme

The VoxStars & Developing Artiste Programme is a 'By Audition Only' Programme aimed to develop them into accomplished performers who are able to enter our MADDartistes Programme.

Through specially crafted training programmes, your Child will be trained to become a confident and accomplished singer, dancer and performer.

Allow your Child to hone their Performing Skills in a conducive environment with not more than 9 per class. Learn more about Vocal Techniques, Dance & Performance Skills. Definitely a class for you if your Child wishes to channel their inner Ariana Grande or Adele.

Throughout the past 3 years, MADDspace has continuously enhanced the programme by giving your Child proper pre and post assessments with properly crafted assessment rubrics that will allow you to track their progress in the Programme. These performance rubrics are widely used in our Pop Vocal Programmes taught in MOE government schools.


Private Vocals

Have 1 to 1 vocal lessons with our professionally trained instructors. Adapting to your time and schedule, we will try to find an instructor that will best suit your child's singing needs and schedule. 

With private lessons, instructors are able to focus on more your child's singing and guide them with techniques and skills. The learning will be focused and lessons will be planned according to your child. 


Singapore Children's Show Choir

The Singapore Children's Show Choir (SCSC) is Singapore's first ever professional Show Choir for Children.

The Show Choir seeks to become a quality platform for talented Children to get together to express their love and passion for Music, Dance and Performing. It aims to establish itself as Asia's most exciting Children's Choir.

Founded and conducted by Mr John Khoo, the Choir has been involved in several high profile performances in Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios, Changi Jewel, Singapore-ASEAN Summit and more.

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This class focuses on integrating singing, dancing, and acting into a performance piece. Lessons will prepare them for one jazz dance piece and one song & dance. Lessons will cover foundational jazz dance techniques such as pointing & flexing of the feet, skipping, body coordination, musicality, rhythm.​

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Pre-Jazz Dance

This is a foundation for young children who are keen to grow in dance in the future. It focuses on the genre of Jazz, a fast, rhythmic and energetic dance built upon the basics of ballet. It is a progressive class that will take the dancer from Pre Jazz to Grade 8, eventually preparing them for performances, competitions and DSA applications.

Through age-appropriate music, they will be exposed to fundmental skills related to music - such as sensitivity to pitch, volume, sound and basic musicality through rhythm and song exercisesThey will improve their pyschomotor skills and build up their confidence through a series of choreography exercises.

Preschool: Pre-Theatrical & Performing Arts

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Come Dance With Me,

Preschool: Sing & Dance 


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