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Examinations courses for performing arts - Should i give it a miss?

Examinable courses for performing arts - Should i give it a miss?

Are examinations for performing arts courses beneficial? While examinations cause stress and are definitely nerve wrecking, you would agree with me that there’s definitely some advantages to it. Today we'll be offering you 3 points why taking examinations for performing arts is beneficial!

1. Motivation to practice harder

Just like any school assessment, students will be encouraged to study and practice harder to achieve desirable results. It gives an extra nudge to them in their learning and helps them improve faster! After every exam, candidates will receive a report with comments which help them learn from their mistakes and in turn, become a better performer.

2. Practice performing in front of people Nearing the exam period, there'll definitely be lots of mock exams with their instructors which help them get ready for the big day. Not only will it aid in calming your child prior and during examinations, it also helps them practice singing or dancing in front of people! This is an important attribute for your child as the performance on stage determines the quality of a performer.

3. Knowing how good they actually are in their craft (Benchmarking) Taking examinations enable your child to know how good he/she actually is. If your child has not mastered the techniques, it'll show up in their results. Furthermore, examinations present opportunities of growth for your child to interact with other students, including those who are more advanced. Examinable courses are also avenues for your child to apply to their dream secondary school via Direct School Admissions ( DSA ). Are you looking for examinable courses for your child? We got you covered! MADDspace has Pop Vocals LCM as well as CSTD Dance courses that would help your child prepare for examinations and even possibly, DSA! For more information, visit

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