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Student Spotlight - Gabrielle Tay

Our life is full of art. Conversely, by learning arts, we learn about life. Here at MADDspace, we believe that everyone can improve themselves not only physically but also their emotional and intellectual well-being through MADD. (Music, Art, Drama & Dance)

With that being said, we would like to showcase a few of our students we interviewed here at MADDSpace who have taken giant strides to attain this greater version of themselves!

In this feature, we have Gabrielle Tay. Having performed on several stages such as B'Dazzled and MADDspace Annual Recital at Scape and several others. You can also find a few of Gabrielle's singing videos on MADDspace's YouTube channel. Gabby was recently also casted as part of Sound Of Music, a big achievement for this up and coming star.

Let’s hear from her regarding her experiences here thus far!



Q: How old are you this year?

A: I’m 15 this year! :) Q: How long have you been at MADDspace?

A: I’ve been at MADDspace for about 4 years now, since 2018. Q: What are some of your classes you are taking in MADDspace?

A: I am currently taking Private Vocals with Mr. Khoo and am a part of the K-Stars dance crew with Ms Jeslyn.

Q: Which classes are your favourite?

A: I think both classes are my favourite!

Q: What are some of your proudest achievements? (e.g. Diamond Award in B-dazzled Dance Solo, CSTD, LCM Distinction, Asia Pacific Festival Gold, etc.)

A: I think my proudest achievement is when I won Grand Champion in the Under 21 solo vocals category for B'Dazzled last year! It was really amazing.

Q: What's your most memorable experience in MADDspace?

A: My most memorable experience would probably be when I performed on stage at Scape for the first time. I sang “Never Enough” from the Greatest Showman and it was really memorable to experience singing solo for the first time because standing on a stage is really a magical feeling!

Q: Do you have any advice for children who love to sing, dance and perform like you?

A: My only piece of advice is not to take advice from teenagers! HAHAHHAHAH! Just kidding. When you’re on stage, try not to think too much. Just have fun!

Q: Is there anybody in MADDspace you would like to thank for your achievements? (it could be your teachers, favourite teacher, friends)

A: I would like to thank my singing teacher Mr. Khoo because he has really helped improve my vocals a lot and he consistently supports me. I’ve been taking lessons with him for 4 years now!

Q: Who's your biggest supporter? (it could be your friend, sister, mummy, daddy, grandparents, teachers, etc.)

A: My biggest supporter is probably my teacher at school. She always shares my singing videos! Thank you so much to her!

Q: Who is your favourite singer/dancer/group?

A: I like Taylor Swift and BlackPink because their performance skills are really advanced.

Q: Who do you look up to in MADDspace (if any) (it could be a student, or a teacher)

A: I look up to my friends in K stars. They are the best friends I could ask for and they’re all soooo good at dancing! We constantly support each other and we are like sisters. I can’t imagine dancing without them!

Q: Is there anything you like to do apart from singing/dancing/performing? (It could be a hobby like cooking, or making slime, etc.)

A: To be honest, I like staying at home, looking at my phone, and taking naps. But in terms of productive hobbies, I like to play guitar and ukulele, read, and I like learning about humanities in school!

Q: If you could have a superpower, what will it be?

A: I think it would be to fly or teleport.

Q: Why do you want that superpower?

A: I think being able to fly / teleport is just the right amount of power-it’s not enough for me to be assassinated, but it’s enough power to make my life significantly easier. From hearing about Gabrielle's journey, we can learn that loving the art that you perform is truly important so as to be able to fully immerse yourself in it and enjoy every moment. Like Gabrielle said, being on stage is truly a magical feeling for some. Do you too resonate with her and also want to be able to experience performing live on stages and in recitals? Learn how you can do so by talking to us today! Reach out to us here at:

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