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Student Spotlight - Ho Mei Xuan

Here at MADDspace, we believe that Performing Arts can play a vital role in the development of one's character. Today, we turn out attention to Ho Mei Xuan, 13, who has been part of MADDspace since she was in Primary 3. Over the years, Mei Xuan has developed leadership qualities and skills as she now plays a vital role in the MADDartistes Programme as one of the senior member of the team. Having achieved excellent results in her PSLE, she chose to DSA into SOTA (School Of The Arts) where she is currently now a Year One.


She currently takes Song Writing and Composing classes with our Director Mr. John Khoo and is part of the prestigious MADDartistes Programme, During her time at MADDspace, she achieved success not just in local, but international competitions - performing on various stages such as Beijing, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Let's get to know Mei Xuan a bit more!


Q: How old are you this year?

A: I am turning 13 this year :) Q: How long have you been at MADDspace?

A: I have been in MADDspace since I was P3 so it's been about 4-5 years. Q: What are some of your classes you are taking in MADDspace?

A: I am taking Songwriter and Composing classes with Mr. Khoo and I'm also part of the MADDartistes.

Q: Which classes are your favourite?

A: I especially enjoy MADDartistes lessons as I can bond with my classmates and try out new things (such as acappella) The lessons also teach me about the importance of teamwork and prepares us for performances/competitions.

Q: What are some of your proudest achievements?

A: My proudest achievements include distinction is LCM Grade 6 vocals and won 2 gold awards in Beijing Ladybug International Children’s Arts Festival.

Q: What's your most memorable experience in MADDspace?

A: My most memorable experience would definitely have to be the first time I went to Beijing for the Ladybug International Children’s Arts Festival with MADDspace. As we went there as a small group, we spent a lot of time together (practising and having fun) This allowed us to be a lot more bonded/close-knitted. The experience was also very enriching as the judges would give us feedback after our performance which helped me grow a lot as a performer.

Q: Do you have any advice for children who love to sing, dance and perform like you?

A: I think its very important to follow your heart and to just keep trying and seize every opportunity that comes your way. These opportunities can help you grow, gain experience and build up your confidence! It's also very important to practise as it can help us identify and correct certain mistakes we are making and it can also help us make new discoveries! (E.g. vocal discoveries like voice range) Above all, I think it's very important to find the right balance between performance and studies so no matter what, do not neglect your studies! :)

Q: Is there anybody in MADDspace you would like to thank for your achievements? (it could be your teachers, favourite teacher, friends)

A: I would like to thank all my teachers for giving me so many opportunities to perform, learn and grow and for guiding me and helping me improve! I would also like to thank all my friends for always showing me support and cheering me on during my performances. Everyone at MADDspace has really helped me improve to be the performer I am today.

Q: Who's your biggest supporter? (it could be your friend, sister, mummy, daddy, grandparents, teachers, etc.)

A: My biggest supporters would definitely have to be my family! They always support me in pursuing my passion and help me find various opportunities to help me gain experience.

Q: Who is your favourite singer/dancer/group?

A: I listen to a wide variety of music! For Chinese songs, my favourite singers would be JJ Lin and GEM 邓紫棋. As for English songs, it would be Lewis Capaldi. And for Kpop, it would have to be mamamoo! :D

Q: Who do you look up to in MADDspace (if any) (it could be a student, or a teacher)

A: There are two people I look up to in MADDspace :) One of which is my amazing Song writing and Composing class teacher, Mr Khoo! I have known him since I was P2 (In primary school) and he has been a very kind and caring teacher. He encourages me all the time and pushes me to be better! Hearing him sing, write and produce music really inspires me to be a better musician/performer. Another person I look up to Ms Dionne! She is a very caring teacher who always checks in on how I'm doing. She makes it very comfortable for us to talk about any struggles we are facing regarding the song we are working on as well! As she is a performer too (a singer and part of an acapella group) she really inspires me and pushes me to be a better version of myself (As a performer and as a person)

Q: Is there anything you like to do apart from singing/dancing/performing? (It could be a hobby like cooking, or making slime, etc.)

A: I enjoy songwriting and playing the guitar as well as solving some sudoku puzzles in my free time!

Q: If you could have a superpower, what will it be?

A: I would like the ability to read others' emotions :D

Q: Why do you want that superpower?

A: Since everybody tends to hide their feelings now, having such an ability would allow me to understand how someone is really feeling. If someone was feeling upset, I would be able to comfort them and cheer them up as well!

Behind Mei Xuan's smooth sailing journey lies countless hours of dedication, tears and sacrifice that should not be overlooked. We can learn from her that passion and hard work both go hand in hand to ensure success in all that you do!

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