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Performing arts for Children - Inessential or Beneficial?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

In this day and age, most Pre-Schools, Primary schools and Secondary Schools include some form of Music, Art, Drama & Dance lessons in their curriculum. While most of the children learn invaluable lessons through those classes, some parents still feel that Performing Arts Is a waste of time and money and that the time spent singing or dancing can be spent on studying instead. While we agree that academics are important in a Child's growth, performing arts teach other lessons that are just as important too! Through their singing lessons or dance classes, children learn to discover their own voice, grow in confidence and develop empathy and teamwork amongst their peers.

If you are still not convinved, here are the top 3 reasons why that singing class or dance lessons is essential to your Child's development.

1) Performing Arts helps Children develop a creative mind.

Performing Arts play a significant role in developing creative and innovative thinking skills in children. That Hip-Hop lesson that your Child takes teaches and encourages them to express, explore and understand themselves through Dance. That singing class that encourages your Child to sing out and express their emotions will be the reason why your Child is able to express their feelings through words and action.

Developing a creative mind with a positive personality helps Children become happy and adaptable. While Performing arts helps Children develop a creative mind, learn to communicate with others effectively.

2) Performing Arts helps Children build Self-Confidence.

Children learn to explore outside of their comfort zone and express their feelings and ideas with performing arts. That encouragement they get when they step up on stage and the love and support from their parents, peers and teachers will help them to develop a strong sense of confidence in their own ability. As many of us may know, performing on stage in itself takes a lot of courage to do, and doing it multiple times helps them to cope with challenges that they may face in life.

Not only that, the Ballet class or Jazz class that your Child takes are safe environments that helps children be themselves and thus be confident in who they are. When they are confident about themselves, they are more likely to have a healthy mentality.

3) Performing Arts helps Children empathise with others.

"A Child's mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled" - Dorothea Brande

Children who take a Music class at a young age or those who take on a Ballet or Jazz class are known to have a greater understand on their surroundings. Exposing Children to these Performing Arts clases helps them to empathise and see the different hardships that the different peers in their class faces.

Come explore the classes at MADDspace

MADDspace offers a wide range of Music, Art, Drama and Dance classes for Kids. You can choose from a wide range of dance genres such as K-pop, Hip hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and more. We also offer Singing classes and ensembles, as well as our Signature "Sing & Dance" Show Choir lessons.

Performing arts can enrich your child's life in different ways, and thus it should not be shunned upon. Let your child have fun, and learn a little more today!

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