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Student Spotlight - Meredith Choo

Here at MADDspace we understand the importance of Art and believe that the values that can be taught from it are vital for self-improvement both in the Art form itself as well as in one's personal life. In this post, we have Meredith Choo, a skillful young individual who loves to perform. Meredith is part of the Singapore Children Show Choir and also takes on Private Vocals here at MADDspace. Let's read on further to learn more about her journey in the Performing Arts!



Q: How old are you this year?

A: I will turn 11 in November this year. Q: How long have you been at MADDspace?

A: I’ve been with MADDspace for more than a year. I started around the circuit breaker time last year. I signed up for trial vocal class and decided to continue since I enjoyed it so much. Q: What are some of your classes you are taking in MADDspace?

A: Currently I’m taking SCSC Concert class and Private Vocal classes with Ms Dionne.

Q: Which classes are your favourite?

A: I love all my classes! I learn and experience different things from both classes. In the Singapore Children's Show Choir, besides learning to sing, we also learn to dance and combine both together. In my Private Vocal classes, I focus more on improving my vocals and also preparing for my LCM Grade 4 exam

Q: What are some of your proudest achievements? (e.g. Diamond Award in B-dazzled Dance Solo, CSTD, LCM Distinction, Asia Pacific Festival Gold, etc.)

A: There are not many competitions that I’ve joined since I just started not too long ago. My latest achievement is top 5 finalist for SAFRA’s lil Stars.

Q: What's your most memorable experience in MADDspace?

A: Last year MADD to Shine was my first time doing formal showcase with video recording at Esplanade. Because of the COVID-19 situation, I needed to go by myself, my parents and my coach were not allowed to go with me. I was so nervous since it was my first time, but thanks to the MADDspace crew and Mr Khoo, who encouraged and helped me to calm down, I was less nervous.

Q: Do you have any advice for children who love to sing, dance and perform like you?

A: Be yourself and of course have fun! Choose the songs that you like and songs that suit your personality. It is ok to be nervous, you will get better over time with more experiences and exposures.

Although during this period of time, we cannot really perform live which many of us like, there are other opportunities to perform virtually. During the past 1 year, I joined some virtual performances and virtual choirs at school, church and community centres. We should never stop singing because of the limitations of the pandemic. If we hide away because of our fears and insecurities, after this period of time, it will be challenging to rebuild a performer’s self-confidence. So, during this time, we should still keep practicing and singing and not give up.

Q: Is there anybody in MADDspace you would like to thank for your achievements? (it could be your teachers, favourite teacher, friends)

A: Ms Dionne! Ms Dionne is my vocal coach. I learn so much from her. Thank you for your patience and encouragement.

Q: Who's your biggest supporter? (it could be your friend, sister, mummy, daddy, grandparents, teachers, etc.)

A: My mum. Thank you for encouraging me to pursue my passion. Thank you for supporting me with all the things that I need. From reminding me to practice, driving me around, becoming my hair stylist and makeup artist, becoming my videographer and even singing with me.

Q: Who is your favourite singer/dancer/group?

A: I love almost all the songs from High School Musical The Musical The Series. I also like JJ Lin songs.

Q: Who do you look up to in MADDspace (if any) (it could be a student, or a teacher)

A: Ms Dionne, because she is kind and has an amazing voice.

Q: Is there anything you like to do apart from singing/dancing/performing? (It could be a hobby like cooking, or making slime, etc.)

A: I love to do art and crafts. I love travelling and exploring other places overseas, sadly that I think I cannot do it again anytime soon.

Q: If you could have a superpower, what will it be?

A: I would like to have superpower that can stop time.

Q: Why do you want that superpower?

A: Because I do not have much time to do things that I love since there is a lot of schoolwork. There are so many things that I want to do, new things that I want to learn and new experiences that I want to enjoy. If I can have more time, I can do more of those. An interesting read about Meredith's journey indeed! Meaningful values such as Passion, Hardwork and Discipline are what we too can apply in whatever it is that we do. As long as you have the mindset to pursue what you love and put your all into it, you have the pathway to success paved for you. Want to find out more about MADDspace and what we have to offer?

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