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Three Reasons why Children should learn Music Theory

Music theory is the understanding of written music. Think of it as a "Language". In order for people to understand what someone from Germany is saying, they will need to speak "German". Music Theory is the "Language for Music".

Being able to understand music would allow a person to better appreciate Music. You now will know how long you should hold on to a note when singing or how loud you should sing it. You will get to write down melodies that are in your head and know what notes there are in a Major and Minor scale. The possibilities are endless.

Many children nowadays want to "do the fun stuff". They want to sing, perform and have fun. But here are three reasons why you should consider taking a Music Theory class.

1. It helps Children be independent when learning Music

Children who do not know Music Theory often learn by memorising or hearing. This requires them to listen to a piece multiple times before remembering it. However, learning through memory creates many barriers in learning new music over time.

With Music Theory knowledge, children will find it easier to progress in their learning, as they can practice and learn new music on their own. Theory also makes them more confident and more likely to want to continue learning music over time. Learning a new piece of music on their own can make them feel empowered, which will make them more satisfied with their musical education. 2. It promotes Creativity

An understanding of music theory makes it possible for children to add their own personality to a piece of music, and make it their own. You are able to write and compose melodies, as well as understand the fundamentals of different styles of music. This is an invaluable skill to have. 3. It is usually a Pre-requisite for DSA  This is for those who consider using Music/Singing/Choir as a possible Direct Schools Admission route for your Child in future. The reason why schools ask for Theory Certificates as a pre-requisite is because it sieves out the children who genuinely want to learn more about Music. Children who know Music Theory will be able to learn Music faster and progress way ahead amongst their peers. Even if you are not considering DSA for your Child, the benefits of knowing Music Theory is endless.

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